Today is hay day

.  Yesterday was hay baling day......


 Last night we baled our lovely front paddock, aptly named our Town paddock as it is the closest paddock to Kilcoy. We have fertilized, irrigated, slashed, harrowed, mulched,seeded and nurtured with help from the big guy above and our wonderful neighbours, into quite a goodly amount of oats. We already took 150 small square bales off this paddock this season in the early spring but they were our first attempt. The quality and weight of the bales was not the best and some of them took Ali and I both to lift them. Mould was also a problem so we were unable to use these bales for the horses at all. This mould on the hay can cause serious issues with the horses including colic and as our beautiful quarter horses were imminently due to foal we chose discretion rather than take a chance with their health.

Over 600 bales decoratively dotted the landscape as Hugh headed off to Melbourne for work and Ali and I started carting the first of them up the hill to our shed. I must admit I did mention the excellent timing of his departure...... First we had to clean out the last few bales of older hay and then it started. Three loads with the ute and trailer and we were pretty tired, it started raining also so we had to take a break until after lunch. We then finished another three loads with  help from our friendly spraying contractor, thank goodness. The shed is full and it smells wonderful with the fresh baled oaten hay. Thanks to Rob for baling last night for us.

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