Sump Pumps

Sold 20 bales of hay today. Ali and I spent the morning up in the vineyard tucking in all those lovely long tendril of grapevines into the wires to keep them safe. It is amazing how much they have grown in the past couple of weeks and it brings to mind that we will have the nets on before we know it. The vines look wonderful and healthy, the grape flowers are abundant and Thomas, our winemaker should be pretty excited by the quantity we could have this year. We may need a shed just to store the wine in until it is ready to sell. It was also irrigation day and we set up the irrigator to water Far paddock out the front and the grapes while we were tucking. Today everything seem to be going quite well.........Another 6 bales gone. Just getting ready for afternoon chores and I noticed a big puddle of water in the back garden. The sump pump has burned out and the grey water has backed up and is flooding the garden.  phewwww!!! Ali  and I tackle this next obstacle, firstly we have to undo the plumbing fixtures and get the pump out of the sump tank......not a very nice place to be. After the call a friend for advice, ali had to run to town before the stores shut and pick up a new pump, bring it home and firstly we had to empty the tank.......then we had to refit the plumbing fittings...... put it all back together and ....yes it all works. We should be pretty right for a while now. This farming is eventful to say the least.

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