Tomorrow is Cattle Day

We are mustering the herd a few days late... We were actually supposed to muster last week but due to severely inclement weather we had to postpone until tomorrow. Its that time of year to treat our cattle to help them stay healthy and not be compromised by ticks, worms and liver fluke. We also vaccinate for some very nasty cattle diseases. Bringing the cattle into the yards also allows us to closely supervise the growth and condition of the animals and to monitor behaviours and keep an eye out for any injuries that may require treatment. Each animal is also marked off the register so everyone can be accounted for and if not where they are supposed to be we then can go looking. Mustering the animals regularly also gets them used to being handled so they are quiet and not stressed in the yards with  human intervention. Hopefully I will be able to add some photos of the way we like to muster our cattle for your interest. Initially we call them and they come ( usually)

These cattle are the one and two year old babies that need lots of tlc to help them reach their full potential. Our favourite way of mustering is to stand near the gate where they can hear us and call them. They usually come and will follow the utv towards the yards. Here they come!!!     From here we head to the yards for our days work. Jamie our lovely Canadian visitor was put to work in the yards as Ali's apprentice...

 Come on  cows, see the nice lady for your vaccination!

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