Millawa Paint Horses,the foals are growing!!!!

Our beautiful foals are pending registration and genetics testing. We are so looking forward to spending lots of time with these wonderful young horses....I just wish we had more time for the whole gang at Millawa Ranch.


Frankie arrived safely and was all legs. The past 4 months have been filled with lots of horsey adventures!!!


We bonded with her right at her birth and Missy her mother was wonderful.

 Frankie is a real character and we are so happy to have her.....




 We take the foals with us for a ride so they get to experience the cattle and the property safely.   Frankie is very sociable and loves people.

MR Stylish Like Jagger aka Jagger arrived during the night so we didn't have the same opportunity to bond with the new foal as we did with Frankie, and his Mom was pretty concerned when anyone got too close to her lovely little boy.

Practicing his first bow!!!!

That green stuff is totally yuk!!!

Lets chase the cattle!!!!




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