2017 Grape Harvest

Once again we have delivered our grapes up to Oceanview Estates Winery at Mount Mee, there, over the next year, the winemaker Thomas Honnef will transform our humble Shiraz grape into the 2017 vintage of Millawa Ranch's Mountain View Winery's, "Painted Horse Shiraz" . Each year is so unique, mainly due to weather patterns. Our crop this year was about half the amount of last year, 1.5 tonnes.... But the flavour and sweetness were delectable. We had quite a high percentage of grapes that had started to dry and tasted a bit like a sultana. We hope that this will give us a unique and rich vintage of Shiraz. Ali Dickson our viticulturist timed the pick perfectly to take full advantage of the steamy warmth to push those sugar levels to a maximum. There we were unloading into the crusher 4 hours after finishing the pick. Today we have had 20mls of rain overnight which would have devastated the grapes and dropped the sugar levels..... Well picked Ali. You nailed it.
Thank you so much to the wonderful, stalwart helpers who braved the heat, humidity and darkness to bring in our grapes. Brett, our foundation picker and Kirsty Ringelstein, Stuart Hessey and his son Xavier also on their second vintage, the leader of our family, a man for all seasons Hugh Dickson, our very hard working viticulturist, Ali Dickson and her wonderful partner Chris Gaedtke...who after working in the vineyard for the pick, came to the rescue when a mechanical failure stopped the delivery of the grapes in it's tracks on the Mount Mee Ranges, he stepped in with calmness and compassion and delivered the tonne of grapes keeping them from cooking in the noon day sun.... Life is such an unpredictable adventure. Thank you one and all.

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December 09, 2018

We saw your painted horse Shiraz sign in the exchange hotel and wondered if you have a cellar door?

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