Painted Horse Shiraz ...2016 vintage The story.

      In June 2015 it time to prune in preparation for next years harvest. Last year after being devastated by hail in November 2014 our 2015 harvest has had a few setbacks and we really hope that this year will be our best production ever.We have learned each year about the pruning, and each year have had healthier and stonger vines with more grapes on them. It is big couple of weeks cutting the canes,setting up next years cuttings and cleaning up all the sticks.  We cut the canes and put an anti bacterial paste on the cuts to stop disease and bugs damaging the lovely vines. They are in winter dormancy stage and just wait for the right set of circumstances to burst into bud and start the next cycle.

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Kathryn Bannister
Kathryn Bannister

May 03, 2021

A superb wine, earthy subtle taste. The best example of Queensland Shiraz.

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