October 12, 2016


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Calving 2016

Our lovely purebred Wagyu cow E28 had lost lttle weight a while ago and we were keeping an eye on her, giving her a little extra feed when we fed out... then we she went missing. I found her eventually in Upper Valley paddock, lying down. She didn't get up as I approached so I knew she was unwell. I brought her a container of water and a biscuit of hay which she ate quite actively. Over night she got up and came down the hill. As I continued to feed and water her. She seemed to be improving and came back to the herd. A couple of days later I found her down in our Holding paddock. She was near the water trough so I shut the gates so the other cows wouldn't harass her and brought her some feed. I fed her again in the morning and debated about what to do........... I went and did some other chores around the farm and came back about 2 hours later and there was a dead calf. I must have missed it by minutes and was so upset that I wasn't there to help her. I put the calf near her head and she licked it and continued to lick it. I decided to leave the calf there until she realized it was dead and then remove it. An hour and half later I went back to check her and there was another calf also dead....... This too I put up near her head and she lowed and licked it. Tears fell, a few hours later she too died. What a tragic start to our 2016 calving. We have had one set of twins in 6 years so I did not expect the twin to come and kicked myself again for not being there to help...we might have saved the twin if we'd been there when it was born.....Such a sad start to our 2016 calving,

Five days later our Charolais cow A074 who also happens to be the houdini of the herd took off on her own...a sign of imminent birthing..... I checked on her in the evening off by herself and she was munching away peacefully. She is a very experienced mother having had 4 calves for us already so I wasn't concerned. I would check her in the morning.....

 First I saw this cute little creamy baby and as I got goodness there was another one a lovely big red boy... Twins again, nothing short of miraculous a restart of 2016 calving.