November 15, 2015


July at Millawa Ranch

    Beautiful skies fill the evening in July at Millawa Ranch

  With the chilly weather our Wagyu girls are carrying that extra bit of fat and long fuzzy coats to keep them warm....

  our oats are thriving and we will be cutting hay again this year if the weather is good to us.


Cattle on the rye.....

 Calling the weaners to the newly opened rye paddock for some yummy fresh grass.

  Its very simple when they come when they are called.

 You'd think they were starving!!!

June 26, 2015


Selling the Charolais to improve our Wagyu herd


These are the beautiful youngsters that we are selling at the markets this month. We sent 22 head of Senepol bred Charolais crosses to the Moreton Markets. We have a limited amount of food available over the winter and we need to be proactive in making sure our lovely wagyu breeders and the wagyu steers and heifers that we share with our clients get the best deal in the way of food and care. These young Senelais weaners and 2 year olds sold very well and we are happy with the results.

This young Senalis bull is still for sale and would be an ideal sire for dairy or just mixed beef herd. The resultant offspring would have a small birthweight and his Bull Soundness Evaluation Test was off the charts, with excellent morphology... Go MR Apollo.

This Senelais 2 year old heifer is an excellent example of a quality replacement cow or excellent eating...

March 12, 2015


Millawa Paint Horses,the foals are growing!!!!

 My young colt 'MR Stylish like Jagger', I'm a big boy now. 

and beautiful MR Strait Gunsmokin Lena

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February floods.......2015

From the noise and power of the water, to piles of debris along the creek flats, to the tranquil beauty of a new swimming hole. Our beautiful creek gives us unending variety and beauty on our Millawa Ranch....  This is how our beautiful creek looks normally



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