Bull - MR Apollo H028 (Senelais) This Bull is Sold

MR Apollo is available for sale.Vaccinations include three germ,  7 in 1 and BEF. He has been vet checked and  has had a B.B.S.E. showing excellent morphology of 93% he is a very quiet and placid two tooth Senepol Charaolais bull, well muscled and tidy, ready for work. His sire is the registered Senepol bull for our herd QNL07015 Quirran-Lea Harpo(AI)and his quiet nature and fertility are well renowned. His dam is Charaolais A074 and he weighed in at 580 kg.

Please call Ali or Sandy to organize a viewing at your convenience. This is an on ranch sale.

Price     2500.00              --------Sold-------------