Bull - MR Kitimat K176 (Senepol)

Millawa Ranch Kitimat  is a 4 year old pure bred Senepol bull.  By QNL07015 Quirran-lea Harpo(AI)l out of QNLF00115 Quirran-Lea Foxtail. He was born 15/01/2015.On his July husbandry his weigh-in he was 724kg. He is fully vaccinated and ready to go.

He is registered with the Senepol Association.

Come and check him or one of the others out for your herd. Excellent low birth weights, polled, sleek coat and a wonderful nature. The calves grow fast and are a great F1 cross with my purebred Wagyu herd.

Category: beef, bull, fertile, polled, Senepol, stud