Millawa Ranch Cattle

We have a small herd of 50 -60 cows predominantly pure bred wagyu cows with a small Senepol Stud consisting of 6 cows and five young impressive bulls available for sale and three young heifers just about ready to hang out with the bull this season.There are 10 two year olds ready to sell and put on your plate. We have this years f1 babies and 9 pure bred wagyu weaners including 3 young bulls. We bring in 2 to 3 two tooth cattle into the feeder paddock and give them plenty to eat in preparation for sending them off to the butchers. From this herd we select our future bulls and sell a few along the way. Our cattle are quiet and usually come to call.


This allows a peaceful environment for growth and nurturing. MR Poppy is our 3 1/2 year old dairy cow and is pregnant once more to our lovely young full blood bull Michifuko. Unfortunately Mitchi passed away in April by what we believe was a lightening strike. Very sad and we now to have to find another Full blood wagyu bull to take his place this November. We are looking at a number of possibilities.

Cherwonbah Goshu registered fullblood bull has joined us for this season..he was very anxious to meet his girls.

Aka Dex

Each year as we take care after the cattle and get to know the new babies, a small number of calves catch our eye. They may be bigger, cheekier, more playful, more curious, whatever attracts our attention, it usually involves no horns somehow evolves into a name. As the year progresses we note these animals and should they continue to impress we may decide to leave them as bulls. Usually there are only one or two out of about 30. We keep these separate after weaning and they get to hang out  in the bull paddock with lots of treats and attention. We continue to monitor and handle these young bulls until they are approximately 2 years old. The vet then attends our ranch and gives them a full check over. If and only if they pass all the necessary criteria for a productive and fertile bull they then can be sold and we know that we are selling an excellent bull to our clients.