The Winery

In October 2010 when we moved to Millawa Ranch there was a great deal of excitement with the thought of our new venture into wine making. Quickly we realized how little we knew and how much help we would need in the way of education. Fortunately everyone we asked seemed more than happy to give us advice. The cows had been dining on the vineyard paddock for the past couple of years and the physical state of the vines was our first big hurdle. Our first crop failed in the floods of 2010 and 2011........ Our pruning techniques improved in 2011 and the second crop presented . Before we could get the nets on the vines the whole crop disappeared in 3 days.... destroyed and ingested by the local lorikeet and crow population. 2012 and we're ready, the nets in place....regular maintenance and we had a crop 400 kg of very ripe grapes. What to do with them???

Our first vintage,  2013 Painted Horse Shiraz about 100 bottles, not available for sale. The following 4 years have brought knowledge and some degree of success to our vineyard. We have a 2014, Ali's personal favourite, 2015, developing nicely, 2016, made to last a little longer with a 5-10 year drinking recommendation and the 2017 still in the vats at the Ocean View Estates Winery at Mount Mee, to be bottle very soon. 2016 also brought the success in application of our producers license and we can now sell the product of all our all our hard work.

              Contact Millawa Ranch if you are interested in trying some of our lovely                     Painted Horse Shiraz.