AAA Millawa Ranch F1 Wagyu $15/kg. $200.00 pre-order fee will allow us to process your meat order.

The $200.00 is the pre-order fee. Upon final processing and receipt of your order we will invoice you for the balance of monies owed.

We are still working on the crossbred name, Senegyu or Wagapol???? This beef makes up the majority of stock on the property and generally comes from  a 2 year old animal, dressing out at approximately 200 kg resulting in quarters around 35-45 kg. These animals come from our wagyu cows by our wonderful stud Senepol Bull Harpo. They are available as grass fed, or grain assisted and are also available as yearling vealers should that be to your taste. The animals are chosen in the paddock and brought up to the house for a little tlc. We have recently been advised to try the cattle on a measure of cracked barley in conjunction with their paddock feed and hay, just to finish them off. The grass fed animals just come straight out of the paddock.

We are really enjoying the flavoursome meat ourselves and the Ocean view Estates Winery showcased our beef on a Somerset Produce night on the 28th of February.It was a great night and the food was sensational. Well done Chef Tony Tierney!!!

Pre-order Information....our next beef processing will occur in July. Order now to confirm your purchase of Millawa F1 Wagyu.

When you order Millawa Ranch Beef, the meat is sold prepacked and cryovaced into family sized packs at your request. Should you order 1 quarter, the boxes  may contain approximately 40-60 kilos of meat from our 2 year old animals. From time to time we will have vealers, larger animals and full blood wagyu available for special orders. As we cannot invoice you accurately until after the processing, for our F1 Wagyu we are taking a pre-order fee of $200.00. Upon final processing of your order we will invoice you for the remaining amount. Should you wish to have your order delivered please contact us and as a guideline there will be a $50.00 delivery charge for Brisbane area, other locations need to be negotiated.The price of $15.00 per kilo is based on 1/4 of the carcass weight at the abattoir.

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